Monday, June 1, 2009

Tinto de Verano...The Summer Wine of Spain

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While we are on the subject of Spain, I just remembered one of my favorite summer drinks...Tinto de Verano.  Literally translated it means Summer red wine.  It is the favorite of Spaniards starting June 1st, which appropriately, is today.  This is a great New Economy drink since a bottle of inexpensive red wine goes a long way.  It is also great if you are watching your weight.  Just act debonair and cosmopolitan and think about all the money you are saving.

There are a couple of variations of this drink...tinto de verano limon and tinto de verano naranja. I like the latter but I will tell you how to make both.  In each case, gaseosa, a less sweet version of Sprite is used.  7Up, Fanta lemon, or Fanta orange are great substitutes.  I have had it with Ginger Ale as well.  If you are dieting, substitute Diet 7Up or Fanta.

For Tinto Limon
In a tall glass or wine goblet, fill equal parts red wine and Sprite, Fanta or 7UP.  Add ice and a lemon wedge.

For Tinto Naranja  
Fill a tall glass or wine goblet, half way with red wine. Add equal parts orange juice and Sprite or 7Up.  Add ice and an orange wedge.

You don't need and expensive red wine for this, but don't use something you wouldn't drink either!

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