Saturday, September 26, 2015

The State Dinner Menu For the President Of China

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Just a short post to share with you what I thought was a beautiful dinner at the White House last night.  Once in awhile, you have to give them some credit....

Last night, President and Mrs. Obama  hosted President Xi Jinping of China for a State Dinner at the White House. The theme of the dinner was "Autumn Feast" and I love the colors and the material they chose for the tablecloths and napkins.  Although not exactly our idea of Fall colors it was perfect for this time of the year when roses and dahlias still abound.  As to the menu, how divine.  All my favorites in one dinner, truffles, lobster and lamb! The wines were all American and for comments on the pairings check Dr. Vino, one of the wine blogs I follow.  He has written a very interesting article on the protocol followed by the White House on choosing wines for State dinners..

 Twenty two of these 100% edible Chinese inspired petit fours were placed on each table at the end of the meal

Roses were the main theme o the centerpieces, a favorite in both China and the United States

The Clinton State china, one of the few things they left behind when they left....

FLOTUS posted this on her Instagram, a first I understand.  I guess she too was very pleased.

The guests at the head table for 16:

I guess it pays to spy on the United States,,,,,and then promise you won't do it again,

As to the Pope...he got to meet Bo and Sunny.  Given a choice, I would have taken that visit.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Brief Update

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I am so sorry to have been away this long.  What was supposed to be a short break from cooking and gardening has now turned into six weeks due to a major operation I had about three weeks ago to fix a back and neck problem I have had for quite awhile.  I was supposed to do this last year but due to Madame Mere's arrival and Lucy's passing away I had postponed it twice, only to make it worse and more complicated.  The recovery is expected to last four or six weeks meaning lots of bed rest, pain medication, no driving, no lifting or bending, short walks and no chores except "simple meal preparation".  That means no gardening either, something that frustrates me as Fall is my favorite time of the year to work in the garden. To say I am bored, depressed and frustrated is a major understatement.

I don't know exactly when I will be back as even pressing the computer keys is painful.  Yesterday I tried to color with the grandchildren and spent the rest of the day on pain medication, so a long post is not in the cards right now.  I do read your posts and appreciate your emails but forgive me for not commenting or writing back.

I miss blogging and interacting with all of you so I will try to figure something out to stay in touch.  I shall return as soon as I can but I don't have my next appointment with the doctor until mid October when hopefully I will get "cleared" to do more stuff.  Driving would be a nice start...and Maddy desperately needs grooming.  She's beginning to look like Rod Stewart!

In any event, sooner or later I will return!

I have offered to write the blog but I've been turned down


It' so boring around here all we do is hang out...with a silly cat

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