Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day...Dinner for Two

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I don't think there is anything more romantic than a Valentine's dinner at home.  Here's your chance to show off your domestic skills, if only for a day! Set a pretty table by the fireplace, if you have one, light the candles, pick the music you both like and plan a simple yet elegant dinner.  That is more appreciated these days than any present you could ever give.  The recipes are already on the blog and I've made sure they are also foolproof, including the souffle!  The gougeres can be baked early in the week and frozen and the souffle and some of the bernaise can be made early that day . Now, go ahead and make plans!

Valentine's Day Dinner

Gougeres & Champagne*

Salade Verte

*If you want an additional hors d'oeuvre, go out and buy some nice pate and serve with crackers
The gougeres can be made and frozen early in the week

If you are thinking brunch for Valentine's Day, here's a cool and simple menu!

Photo:  Carolyne Roehm

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