Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Weekend's Family Dinner - The Perfect Roast Chicken!

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This weekend's family dinner is roast chicken with new potatoes and carrots.  It's a one dish meal so cleaning up is a breeze.  I am also enclosing the post on How To Carve A Chicken the way it's done at Daniel, the famous restaurant in New York City.

Menu 2/23/10

Roast Chicken With Herbes de Provence Garlic & Lemon
Roasted New Potatoes and Carrots
Brownies with Coffee Ice Cream


  1. Thank you Lindaraxa for re-posting your chicken recipe, as it has made finding it so much easier. I, too, prefer the high-heat method. I look forward to trying this recipe soon, as I adore roast chicken and this is a variation on the one we routinely serve at Darlington. I am pleased to have another arrow in my quiver!

  2. Reggie, I know, I have to do something about search, it's horrible!


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