Friday, November 23, 2012

The Morning After...Leftover Recipes!

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So you have worked like a beaver, eaten like a pig and are now sick as a dog.  Yep, that about sums it up for most of us.  What took me eight hours to prepare and one to consume  kept me up most of the night.  I could feel my poor stomach rumbling and working overtime to get the stuff down the pike.  It is now 2:30 the afternoon after, I am still in my nightgown and if someone mentions the word stuffing, I will snap.  Food is the last thing on my mind but I know at some point I will be hungry again.

This morning when I opened the refrigerator there were all these nicely stalked Glad containers with the leftover loot.  My daughter must have put them together last night while I was catatonic upstairs.  If I am brave, perhaps I will have a bit of everything for dinner tonight except for the stuffing and the pie.  Those two are the real killers for me.  By tomorrow, though, most of us will still have an abundance of turkey, particularly from the parts no one likes.   Sandwiches can only go so far.

Here are five recipes from my turkey leftover repertoire and one for the stuffing.  You know what to do with the pies.

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  1. I've made the first three but alas, not the last two . . . and I may have to rectify that. And of course, the leftover carcus gets made into soup!

  2. Thank goodness, Roxie to the rescue! As I was lying in bed this morning, contemplating the quantities of leftovers in our ice box, I wondered -- where can I find a good Turkey Tetrazzini recipe? I haven't eaten it since I was a boy, and the idea of it filled me with nostalgic anticipation. Thank you, m'dear, for solving my recipe challenge! I shall toast you (again) with a glass of wine prior to digging in to your T.T. casserole, which I am now determined to make. Reggie

  3. Martha,

    I think that stuffing recipe is rather ingenious for Thanksgiving +2.

  4. Reggie,

    At Thanksgiving +2 I am still in a coma but you have given me the push to invite the neighbors for TT tonight while the table is still decorated. Can you believe those pumpkins and gourds from the ladies lunch are still kicking?! who would have thought...

    I know you will enjoy this recipe. I will be thinking of you!

  5. Can I be a neighbor??
    This year we had a vegaterian Thanksgiving. Thank heaven, no turkey leftovers!

  6. Nothing quite so formal recipes here. At the last minute of clean up, I put the leftover mashed potatoes, the corn with cream and the gravy in a pot and added the left over dairy of whipping cream, half and half and milk, chopped up the chicken breasts (we don't like turkey), and after a day of raking leaves, I'm heating the puppy up and calling it chowder!

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your sous chef (assuming a big nap was required after being hyper alert for work spilled on the floor!).

  7. Okay, Roxie, I made the tetrazzini. Took this challenged cook about four hours. And, oh what a disaster my kitchen was! Pots and pans everywhere, piles of bowls and measuring cups. It was as if a cyclone hit it! I had tons of fun making it, drinking wine, listening to the radio (NPR, natch), and thinking of you fondly all the while. I divided it into two baking dishes -- one to have tonight, and the other to freeze for later consumption. Will report after we eat it tonight (can't wait!). Thanks ever so! Reggei

  8. Two hours later -- that is the best Turkey Tetrazzini I've ever eaten! Pick up the dish, lick it clean yummy. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Unbelievable! I can't wait to eat the leftovers! Thank you! Reggie

  9. Dearest Reggie,

    Now you are ready for tetrazzini 201/

    At any time, cook the pasta and add the frozen peas in the last 5 minutes.

    In a MEDIUM SKILLET, combine 1/3 of the butter with shallots and cook until shallots translucent. remove shallots to the side. leave the butter

    Add another 3 TB butter and cook the mushrooms. when almost done, add the turkey. warm up for a minute or two and remove all to the side. leave the butter.

    in THAT SAME MEDIUM SKILLET add the remaining 3 TB butter, the flour and the milk. make a bechamel. add the broth and sherry.

    Mix together the turkey/mushrooms, shallots, and bechamel in either pan. Proceed with rest of recipe.

    So Reg, you are talking one medium skillet, a plate to put things "to the side", and a baking dish for the oven!

    It took me about 30 minutes to sautee shallots, mushrooms, warm turkey and make the bechamel as well as 1 skillet and 1 plate... two pans if you want to make the bechamel separately.

    I make mine these days without the recipe and tons of shortcuts. It's still a mess in the kitchen but a bit more under control. Hope this helps! you will deelop your own shortcuts in time. Oh and yes, add some shallots if you wish! I did.

  10. Sandra,

    What do u mean no turkey lefovers?! sacrilege! You have to taste my turkey croquettes. Next time.

  11. Dear Roxie: Thanksfor TT 201 -- I'll be sure to follow this recipe the next time I make it! Reggie

  12. Hope you feel better soon. This recipe save me a lot of time searching for leftover recipes, thanks! :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  13. You are truly wonderful. May I add two more recipes, turkey tacos and turkey souffle. I made them both to rave reviews. Ann


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