Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Night Dinner Party

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If there was a year when I would not have a group of friends over for dinner on election night it would be this one. The battle lines have been drawn and, from what I hear, there might be a few suicides if one's favorite candidate doesn't get elected this time. If you drive around my neighborhood  there are a few discreet  signs up,  all for the same candidate.   In North Georgia, there should be no doubt which one I'm  talking about .  The rest of the neighbors don't dare display their preference for fear their houses might be set on fire.  Whether this is true or not I don't know, but I'm not curious to find out!

In years past I would invite a few friends, both Democrats and Republicans, for dinner to watch the results.   Nothing fancy, just casual fare, lots of ribbing and betting and a fun evening for all, no matter who won. Dinner was served on trays in front of the television set in the library.  I kept it simple, American, and very casual.  Guests helped themselves to drinks from the bar and dinner was served buffet style in the dining room.  Heavy hors d'oeuvre, one main course and dessert.  The main idea was to spend a fun evening together with good friends and comforting food.  The following morning everyone would still be on speaking terms with each other and with their neighbors.  Not this time.

I am sharing below a typical menu from past elections dinners that I won't be cooking this year.   I might just watch a movie, go to bed early and hear the results in the morning.  ( Sure...I will probably be up all night waiting until the last vote is in )

As to the dinner table, my choice would be a blue and white china pattern laid buffet style, white napkins and a solid red centerpiece of carnations and roses, such as the one above.  Otherwise, "white china casual" is your best bet.  Forget the flags!

Election Night Dinner Party

Sliced Smoked Salmon On Pumpernickel Toasts
Sour Cream, Dill, Red Onion, Capers & Lemon 

Bacon On A Date

Cheese Straws

 Pumpkin Soup With Pear And Coriander
Served on Demitasse Cups


The "21" Club Chicken Hash
Wild Rice
Sauteed Spinach

Apple Crisp With Vanilla Ice Cream
Butterscotch Pudding

Pumpkin Soup here
The "21 Club Chicken Hash here
Apple Crisp here
Butterscotch Pudding here 

Photo credit: Carolyne Roehm


  1. We call them "Watch Parties" -- it's at the event facility in our town -- so we can watch it on the big screen -- we're almost all of one persuasion here -- so we'll be among "friends". They're making it a potluck so I'm trying to decide what to take -- that chicken hash sounds good!

  2. Oh Yum!

    This is just a nice Sunday Dinner menu for & with friends too, maybe after an early walk and ending with a card game.


  3. Wow! That is some menu. I had lunch at '21 the other day and it was all I could do not to order the hash. It is divine. Did you read the recent review of '21 in the Times a week or so ago (can be accessed online)? I thought about you when I did as it very much echoes what you and I have written about the place -- one goes there for the experience more than the food, which is mostly reasonably good, and excellent if one knows what to order. I had a superb grilled cheese sandwich there earlier this summer. They've introduced a "lighter fare" menu in the lounge area, which is quite tasty. As to this election, I am longing for it to be over, as I am fatigued by it in the extreme. I plan on spending the election evening quietly at home with my loved ones, like you. Fondly, Reggie

  4. Fabulous menu! Got to try that chicken hash.
    This has been the longest campaign I can remember!

  5. That grilled cheese sandwich would have been my choice too! Yes, I had read the review. He was right on.

    I need to get you on Twitter and then on to Tweetdeck. Best place to watch stuff like this with friends. Great insight from those on the know too. Oh, and I could flash you a Twitpic of the chicken hash!

    XXOO Rox

  6. Oh Martha, you are brave, even surrounded by friends!

  7. Roxie, I'm afraid I am not inclined to take up Twitting. What with email (both personal and at work), blogging, FaceBook, and texting, I'm afraid I'm full up! Help, I'm drowning! Reggie

  8. You are a brave hostess, Julieta, to host such an event,
    but your diplomatic skills are likely equal to your culinary talents. However I do notice, from a glance at
    the menu, that no knives will be required for any of
    it,--and that was prudent of you!!

  9. Toby,

    How perceptive of you...but the only time I have diplomatic skills are at my own parties. This only works though if you and your guests have had a long friendship and a great sense of humor!

  10. Republicans in our neighborhood were afraid to put signs out lest Romney win, people become even angrier, a revolt take place, and their houses/yards/cars be destroyed. That was the word some were hearing particularly after what they were reading on Twitter. I'm sure there were Democrats feeling the same way. What on earth have we come to that both sides fear the other? To love one's cause is one thing. To threaten others is something all together different. This election makes me sadder than any other in which I've ever participated, and I'm a Democrat. I don't know when or if the damage can be reparied. I hope so, but I'm not sure.

    I wish I could have joined you for dinner. I think the blue and white porcelain and red flowers are a lovely backdrop. Lemon curd is a personal favorite as well. Thank you for posting this.

  11. Dear anonymous,

    Things have to get worse to get better but it will happen.

    Glad you enjoyed the posts.


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