Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Brunch After The Egg Hunt....A Children's Menu

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Oh dear, pray for me.  This coming weekend we will be babysitting the grandchildren for four days while the parents go to a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina.  It so happens that it will also be Easter Sunday so the whole thing will be about kids, Easter eggs and bunny cupcakes.

I have been buying so much stuff to decorate and keep them entertained I don't know where to begin.  Keep in mind these two are toddlers, as in 3 and 18 months! By the time Easter Sunday comes along I know I will be exhausted but Easter is one of my favorite cooking holidays and we will go the full monty.  After all, these kids are gourmets.  They eat everything and they drink water.

A baked ham is a must.  Children love it and I wouldn't miss the leftovers for the world.  Don't worry about the bourbon...they get a dash, I get the bottle. Next week I will be parceling out freezer containers of split pea soup  and freezing leftover ham for croquettes.  These children love fruit so as a treat, I will be making the Ambrosia I posted earlier on the lake blog.  I know it's not the real Ambrosia but they will enjoy it, particularly the miniature marshmallows.  The omelet muffins should take care of the rest of the food groups and the biscuits are a treat for the Easter Bunny.  If you are having a mixed group of children and adults, you might want to dress this menu up a bit.  An asparagus tart would be great instead of, or in addition to, the omelet muffins.  It would definitely be my choice.

If you are new to this blog, don't despair, there is a menu for grownups here, booze included.

A Kids Easter Menu

Egg Nest Cupcakes

and a big batch of Bloody Mary's for the staff (wink)

Happy Hunting!

Photo # 1 Martha
 Photos #2 and #3by Jenny Steffen Hobbik for Williams Sonoma The Blender
Photo #4 Anna Williams



  1. Sounds like a great menu for adults OR children! And I'm saving it in case I need a great menu for a brunch -- Easter or otherwise!

    Happy Easter and I imagine that you will RELISH Easter Monday!

    Pat the Sous Chef for me!

  2. oh my How I admire your spirit! And I love the line about the bourbon! Being a Southern boy, I fully appreciate. I wish I were there for the ham.


  3. Keep your fingers crossed, Joseph. Just picked them up. so far so good...

    Martha, the sous chef just went under my bed where she will remain until meals. too much competition, she says...


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