Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garden Blooms...Peonies

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It seems that everyhere you look these days, from blogs to decorating magazines, you find photographs of pink peonies .  Well Lindaraxa is not to be left behind.  She has waited years to get some back in her garden and it was the first thing she planted in the new house.

About a month ago we purchased two plants of the well known and perhaps most popular variety, Sarah Bernhart, and a whole bunch of bulbs of various colors from which I expect nothing this year.  Although I know it's best to plant peonies in the Fall, I decided to chance it with a few plants.  Come September though, I will look around for some interesting varieties to plant, especially the varigated ones.

The big decision when you have only two plants and just a few blooms is whether you want to enjoy them in the garden or inside the house.    To me, that was a no brainer.  Guess which one won?

Now my favorite flower sits next to my father in his blue navy suit when he was a young boy.  I wish you could see the shoes....

There's only one thing wrong with peonies...they don't last long enough.  But I guess so much beauty is hard to keep up for more than a couple of weeks!


  1. Beautiful! Only two of my peonies bloomed this year....not enough 'chill hours' and I have over 30 planted. What a disappointment.

    They make wonderful cut flowers and in the Georgia heat they will last longer indoors.

  2. Sandra,

    Oh no, don't tell me I had such big plans for a garden full of peonies. On the other hand, I am glad to bring them inside where I can really enjoy them.

  3. They are beautiful.
    I like peonies.
    But the ground in our garden is not good for them.
    So i look and buy them in the store and keep them inside when it is peonie time.
    Have a nice day

  4. They are so very beautiful! So delicate. Your images do them great justice.

    Despite having many gardens, these I have never planted, but I think it is about time I planted some too! It's autumn here, so the timing of your post is good for me, thank you.

  5. I love pink peonies. Sadly they do not appear to be cultivated here.

  6. These are magnificent blooms--especially their delicate color. But I don't understand how you can bring them indoors and avoid ants. In my last house in Ohio, the landscaping had not been maintained in probably decades, and the only flowers left were a bed of white peonies that bloomed reliably every year.
    --Road to Parnassus

  7. I adore peonies! Unfortunately, when they bloom on the prairie, if you don't bring them inside a storm will always dash them to the ground -- therefore, peonies are best viewed INSIDE! It's storming now but the peonies are still in bud!

    This reminds me, I need to plant more at Linderhof!

  8. Yes, exactly! I try to split the vase is in the front hall, and every day I "refresh" it with one new bloom. I inherited a cream color, planted a 'Sarah Bernhardt' last year, and am hoping to buy another one this year. It's actually nicer when they all bloom at slightly different times ie a few days apart!

  9. One adores peonies, the most beautiful of flowers. We do not have any at Darlington, and it is a bit early for them here in the Hudson River Valley. I look forward to buying them by the armload at our marvelous farmer's market when they come into season here. For now, one must satisfy one's love of flowers with lilacs, which are in flower here, but for some reason not in the profusion of years' past. Reggie

  10. Jeanne,

    No, I would not think they would grow in your neck of the woods. No matter, buy them at the store and enjoy them in your living room!

  11. Glamor drops,

    Yes, this is the perfect time for you. If you have a good cold winter you will be amply rewarded!

  12. Columnist,

    Sadly it's too hot out there. But then again, you have all those wonderful orchids.

  13. Parnassus,

    The ants are not a problem here, it's the flies in the summer!

  14. Martha,

    I can't wait to see them next to one of your blue china patterns. Perfect combination. I'm having a neighbor over for tea this afternoon and they will be front and center!

  15. Libbie,

    I saw the white ones in your blog. Need to plant some of those in the Fall. And the clematis, another of my favorites. One is going down next to my mailbox today!

  16. Reggie,

    Up North we didn't get blooms until June so you have a few more weeks of waiting. But oh my, you have lilacs now, how I miss them. They do not do well here. They need a good cold spell in the winter which is iffy down here. Enjoy them!

  17. the prettiest flower ever. not yet in bloom here, can you imagine!

  18. I am president of the Dawson County Arts Council in Dawsonville, GA. You are revered by many of our Arts Council members who follow your blog. We are presenting a food show in August and September and part of our art is to have speakers and presenters about food. We would love for you to be able to present to our members if that is at all possible. I think you may live close by. Our locations is The Bowen Art Center, 344 Hwy 9 N Dawsonville, Ga.

    You can contact us by e-mail at

  19. Oh my goodness, Jeanne, that is the nicest comment I have ever received. Thank you!

    Of course I would be delighted, If there is one thing I am never shy about is talking about food!

  20. Pink flowers are always the prettiest flowers.


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