Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth Of July 2011...The Menu

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Unlike last year when we had a full house of adults, young people and dogs, this weekend should be a fairly quiet one.  By that I don't mean dull.  Starting this Thursday, the houses around us will be rocking with weekend guests and the lake will be full of activity, culminating in the Fourth of July Fireworks at Lake Lanier Islands.  It is a madhouse, only fit for the young at heart and the masochist.  On holidays like this, it is a blessing to be on a cove and be able to swim off our dock!

On the home front, there will be only two couples to take care of, my brother and sister in law and some friends of my daughter.  A breeze compared to other summer holidays.  I am planning a casual menu for eight on the 4th, early enough for a leisurely meal with plenty of time for those going to the fireworks to get there by boat.  This is one time when I don't bother too much with appetizers.   Chips and dips, maybe Kentucky Beer Cheese and chorizos on the grill.

The menu below is easily adaptable to a bigger crowd.

Easy Latticed Blueberry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

If you have killer home grown tomatoes from your garden, good olive oil and fresh baguettes, serve them as a first course while you are grilling.  They will go well with the grilled chorizo.

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  1. Wow seems you will have a great time by the lake !
    Your Weekend Personality
    Chilled Guy or Party Animal? What do you become over the weekend?

  2. Sounds perfectly delicious.There used to be a delightful restaurant in Kansas that served the best coleslaw. The Brookville Hotel moved and took its charm. However, thanks to the miracle of the internet, the cole slaw lives. It is simply with a capital S. http://www.food.com/recipe/brookville-sweet-sour-coleslaw-86365

    Hope you have a bang-up holiday and plenty help (Lucy?) with the dishes.

  3. Home,

    Thanks for the recipe. I just checked it and you are right, simple with a capital S. Some of the best recipes I know are uncomplicated, yet people always want to gild the lily. Then they say cooking is too complicated! I have saved in favorites and might try it this weekend.

  4. L, I love your site. HBD, I will make the Brookville slaw, as my "go to" vanilla ice cream recipe came from that very hotel! Never went there; got the recipe from a friend's mom. Thanks for sharing!


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