Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hydrangeas...Smythson Blue

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The hydrangeas I stole picked yesterday from my neighbor's garden are the exact same color as my Nile Blue Smythson's stationary

makes me almost forget the fence full of lilacs I had in Connecticut which must now be in bloom

they go well on top of my desk, purchased in Pakistan years ago (it's rosewood)

In 1986, on a trip to London, I purchased my personal business stationary from this venerable stationery shop.  They made a mistake and must have tripled the order for I now have stationary with my old New York business address coming out of my ears.  If I write you a note, you can bank it will be on this stationery.  I'm planning on leaving it to my grandchildren with instruction of keeping it in the family until it runs out. 

Check out My Kitchen By The Lake for more on hydrangeas' color and soil.


  1. As heavenly a blue as the plumbago on my terrace!

  2. Simply wonderful, the flowers. the stationary, the desk is gorgeous!

    Art by Karena

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  3. I love the flowers and the desk and your stationary.
    It is wonderful...
    My hydrangeas are have not flowers takes a view weeks.
    Have a fine weekend

  4. Love the blue stationary -- a perfect foil for the hydrangeas! And Ilove hydrangeas as well - they are almost perfect flowers IMO.

  5. Gorgeous, I love that Smythson blue... maybe you could wallpaper a cabinet or something with the extra stationary. The desk is marvelous too!

  6. what a beautiful vignette! your desk is so pretty with the touches of blue which make it come alive...

  7. Beautiful blues! My hydrangeas are pink and white...must learn what to feed them to get them blue. Funny, I never used to like them but now they're growing on me. And, I love the way they change color throughout the summer and fall!

  8. Libby,

    Check out kitchen blog for more on color and soil!

  9. goes without saying that you would pick and cultivate these!-I mean with all that smythson - so you must have a boat load-I am sure you copy down one of your recipes on it and bestow them amongst your friends when gift giving. pgt

  10. I love blue hydrangea's too. Just beautiful...

  11. What an elegant desk and posy. I too love my Smythson stationery, and their wonder array of leather goods. BTW I tried your recipe for Margaritas the other night when we had a Mexican themed dinner - the night was a blast! - Thanks, David.


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