Friday, July 16, 2010

The Tomatoes Are Coming, The Tomatoes Are Coming!

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Photo by Lindaraxa

I am so proud of this picture that rather than post it in my country blog where it belongs, I am posting it front and center on my main recipe blog.  Look at those tomatoes, and look at that picture, I am so proud of myself and my daughter for having put up with those ugly blue pots during the Spring, after nurturing the seeds in late winter, so we could finally enjoy these beauties all summer.  I can tell you that they are better and sweeter than they look.  If you have forgotten what a real tomato tastes like, just bask in these.  I wonder how I will be able to go back to those tasteless pink things they sell at the grocery store.

If you only grow one thing in your garden, make it tomatoes!

Plenty to come!

All you need to put in these is good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and freshly crushed pepper...and of course, fresh basil! Oh my, what a treat!

I feel just like a proud mother!

All photos by Lindaraxa


  1. Tomato season is the best part of the Summer. I have gotten to the point in life that I rarely buy store bought tomatoes-no comparison. Your tomatoes are beautiful.

  2. I agree, those tomatoes are gorgeous. I believe you, they must be luscious! Your labor of luv, thanks for sharing.

  3. hi,

    i just found you via slim paley and i can tell by this post alone that i'm gonna like it here.

    have a lovely weekend.


  4. I just discovered your blog and right in time, I just harvested a basket full of eggplant!
    As for home grown tomatoes...there is nothing like them. My husband grows heirlooms and we NEVER buy them. The store bought are totally tasteless.
    Now, to the kitchen with your grilled eggplant recipe.

  5. I wish I had an outdoor space for tomato plants. Fortunately, I do have farms nearby.

  6. Thank you Velva, Laxmi and Sunshine. Foodalogue well, something is something!
    Cottage, welcome, I know you will. Sandra, enjoy the eggplant.

    Thanks everyone for the kudos, I am so proud! (& i never gush...)

  7. Oh they really are beautiful. Tomatoes are my favorite part of summer. Nothing better than a BLT with just harvested tomatoes.

  8. They're absolutely gorgeous! I am very very jealous. Enjoy!


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