Friday, April 24, 2009

Transfer Your Shopping Skills to the Grocery Store

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If you have to be on a budget, you don't want to live in Manhattan right now. Every Thursday, I receive by email a copy of the week's specials at nearby grocery stores. What you can save, if you pay attention, is amazing. This week, rib lamb chops at the Coral Gables Milam's are $8.99, versus $16.99 on sale at the Food Emporium in Manhattan. A 1 lbs. box of strawberries is $1.99 in Miami and $3.00 in New York City, on special. Rib eye steaks are $7.99 at my daughter's Kroger in Atlanta and $6.99 at Milam's here in Miami. I didn't even bother to check in Manhattan.

Since meat is the most expensive item on a weekly budget, I try to do my shopping where the sales and the quality are best. Everything else is not going to make a big difference, except for cleaning supplies which you can always get at Costco or one of the wholesale clubs. The reason I have been featuring Milam's here in Miami is simply that their meats and produce are tops and recently, they have been having incredible promotions to attract customers. In this economy, every market in the country is doing the same thing, so place close attention where you shop.

One of the first things you should do is look up your favorite grocery stores online, and take a look at what is on special before you go on a shopping expedition. You will save a lot of money and eat better for it. If you are not a techie, look for special circulars in your local paper. They usually come out on Thursdays. I never paid any attention to circulars or specials, just shopped on a whim, but at times like these, you need to plan ahead and be very creative. For me it is actually a lot of fun, as I have been resuscitating old recipes and trying new ones which I will be sharing with you.

If you happen to be in the Miami area and have a Milam's nearby, go get some Bottom Round Roast for $2.49 lbs and make the Yankee Rot roast which I posted last week. Buy some Rib Eye steaks for your Saturday Night on the Grill dinner, fresh salmon steaks for $5.99/lbs and my favorites... bay scallops for $4.99/lbs. The latter, although previously frozen, are very good. Just cook them the same day you buy them and do not refreeze. You can also ask them to go to the back for some frozen ones if you want to stick them in the freezer. The bay scallop season is not until September, but who can wait? Oh, and don't forget some strawberries, for a Strawberry Shortcake. If you don't want to go through the trouble, get some sponge cake cups and some ice cream and you are all set for dessert.

Let's face it, we can't go to the Mall anymore so why not transfer your shopping skills to the grocery store? I have.

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