Friday, May 8, 2009

Housekeeping - How Blogs Work

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As you may have noticed, your recent emails contain only a partial content of the posts. In order to read the full article, please click on the title and it will redirect you to the full content as it appears on the blog. This has been done on purpose to get you to come back to the site. Why?? Let me explain how blogs work. First of all, their content is free to subscribers so the only way bloggers can make money, and not a lot, is to get advertisers on their site. Advertisers want to know how many subscribers you have and how many hits you are getting on your blog. The way it was set up before, you were getting the full content in your emails and nobody was coming back to the main blog. It was my mistake and now I am fixing it and apologize for the confusion.

Bloggers live and thrive from their subscriptions, so please, if you know anyone who would enjoy or benefit from my blog, pass it on and encourage them to subscribe. IT'S FREE!

I've also noticed that some of your subscriptions are unverified. When you subscribe, you will get an email asking you to reconfirm the subscription, which you must do in order to receive my uninterrupted and yummy posts.

Thank you for subscribing and do make comments on the blog. I look forward to them, good or bad. That's the only way I can produce good content and keep you entertained and coming back.

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