Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Tour Of The Garden In May, Part I

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All my hard work of past years has finally been rewarded this Spring.  Don't get me wrong, a beautiful garden is a work in process and takes years to develop.  It is not a one time thing as I've discovered, but years of trial and error, hard work and learning from your mistakes.  You can get a landscaper to come in and do it all for you, but my daughter and I love to garden and we wanted our garden, like the inside of our house, to have character and to be "us".

This year, the peonies take center stage.  The profusion and the colors are staggering.  I don't even cut them anymore.  I don't have enough vases in the house and the place already looks like a funeral home!

The photo above was taken AFTER I had already placed some in containers for arranging.

 The first to come out, the biggest and, always the most reliable, is the Sarah Bernhardt peony.  No wonder it has won so many prizes.

I have already cut over 20 of these for both my living room and Madame Mere's

This other is Duchesse the Nemours.  There are two plants, one white with a yellow center and the other a blush pink, also with a yellow center.

Here's the light pink in a vase

There's also Festiva Maxima in white and a dark red which did not do as well and was not as profuse as the others.

The tea roses have also been fantastic, so far.  I have been on top of them treating them for pests which come in every size and color here in Georgia. Let's see who wins this battle.  I would put my money on the bugs, they always win.   I usually give up and swear I will never have another rose in my garden again...until next year.  I have finally compromised and grow only three bushes in front of MM's window.  She keeps guard.  Everyday.  Like a hawk!

The photo above was taken in the afternoon after a brief rain shower.  They never look this good as we get into the hot summer.  We will see how well we do this year.

The photo on top is the New Dawn rose, a prolific climber, now in its third season.

Stay tuned for the rest of the garden...

All photos have been taken by and are the property of Lindaraxa.  


  1. Absolutely gorgeous peonies! Really really nice Julieta. I have really run out of space in my garden(s) but am desperately looking for a spot for one or two more peonies…but I don't think a western facing, hot hot hot spot would do (cannas do well out there.) But I've got to get the Duchesse; it is so unusual. Enjoy your time in the garden: the spring down here is such a special time. And, of course, the bugs haven't appeared yet!

    1. The Spring this year has been fantastic. I've never had so many blooms on the peonies. Seriously, each plant has had over 20 and I have about ten. They just keep coming. I don't think they will do well on a western facing garden. Mine get the sun in the morning until about one. The western side is a problem for everything here in the summer. I do have cannas there and the old English roses. C'est tout! It's even tough on the poor geraniums by the front door.

    2. If you look closely you will see the small cream pitcher you gave me now a vase for the red peonies. It fell on the granite and the handle broke. It is now a bud vase Love it! That granite is deadly on anything that falls on it!

  2. Despite your modesty, you do have a green thumb. Your peonies are so delicate and perfect-looking. The ones that used to grow in my yard were nice, but never achieved that standard. I also notice that you have some interesting vases into which to put those flowers.

    1. I've almost mastered some, Jim...others not so well but I'm determined! It's a lot of work but there's not much to do here and it's also good exercise.

  3. Love the garden tour. If you have room and fancy a bolder color, take a look at the Kansas peony. It's an early single "red" but in peony world that's a deep, deep rose! White Flower farm hailed it as the best red! It was found in a field in Topeka, Kansas and introduced by Myron Bigger. He was keen on saying he didn't hybridize peonies, he left that work to the bees because they were better at it!

  4. I think that is the red that did not do well this year. There are three buds in a small white jar in the photos above. I only got one bloom last year but it was spectacular. It may be a bit crowded by the others. That Sarah Bernhardt takes up a lot of space when it blooms, the flowers are so big! I love the red peonies and will keep it in mind. Thanks!

  5. Wow, that's quite a line up of peonies, well done! I've one peony tree but it has not bloomed in at least three years. So sad but won't give up.

    I love that you and your daughter enjoy gardening together and how very right you are about giving "character" to your garden by taking your time to do things yourself. No wonder your garden looks like a sweet confection - utterly beautiful.

  6. Thanks CD. So happy to see you back. I've missed you!


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