Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Has Arrived At Lindaraxa's.

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It is finally here...Spring 2016! This year March seemed to last forever.  Who ever thought of giving it 31 days?!  Certainly not a gardener.  Luckily in Georgia we get an extra month on both ends, Spring and Fall.  I shouldn't complain about poor March after all.

The daffodils were a dud.  We had a false "Spring" during December and some came out yelling "Are we there yet" ? Is it time? NO. and that was it for them.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have another freeze like last year in April that took care of the hydrangea macrophylla blooms. These are the ones we are all familiar with, the mopheads also known as French hydrangeas.

  30% of the color in my backyard comes from these hydrangeas so I had to improvise a lot last year with annuals.  Luckily, as with investments, it pays to diversify; so I have others like hydrangea paniculata,  that bloom on new wood.

hydrangea paniculata Limelight

The Foxtail Fern wintered rather well in Mother's apartment.  In a week, with warmer temperatures, it will be ready to go back out.

I saved this dogwood from getting obliterated.  All it needed was pruning and fertilizing.

The only man in the house, the Macho Fern, waiting to go in his pot up front.  Wait 'til you see him in a couple of  months!

Lavender from the grocery store in front of a photo from our sugar mill in Cuba in the 1950's.  The mill is gone but the lavender will go in the ground and live another day...

Small dahlias waiting to go in a pot on our deck.  I have already been warned there won't be any on the ground this year....sigh. 

As I type this it's cool again...a typical early April.  Tomorrow is Madame Mere's 91st birthday and we shall celebrate.  We already had the big feast last weekend when the whole family was here for Easter.  No matter, we shall celebrate again.  Each year is a gift.  For her and for each and every one of us.

Stay tuned for the recipe I cooked for Madame Mere's Birthday.


  1. Wow - 91! Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers, and the blue hue is always a delight. We're very much into our summer, but without the humidity (yet). It's 37C during the day and ten degrees lower at night, but wonderfully breezy, and without the humidity it is tolerable at night, sitting on the balcony. Daytime is all airconditioned of course.

    1. We are enveloped by this green stuff in the air that comes from some pines. It is like this every year. Cars are covered with it, so is our Westie when she goes outside. She goes from Scottish to Irish in a matter of minutes! Those hydrangeas are from an old picture. This year's are yet to come. Wait 'til you see them. The azaleas have center stage right now.

  2. Your house and yard beautifully reflect the care and effort you put into them. My favorite image here is of the sugar mill. I hope that you will do a special post telling us more about it.

    Best birthday wishes to your mother!

    1. Thanks, Jim. Yes I have a post in mind for the sugar mill, especially right now that Cuba is so "in".

  3. Happy birthday to Madame Mere. You are so right - every birthday is a gift and I believe no matter what your age. I'm down here in Florida already missing the hydrangeas and the dogwoods. However, we just bought a very similar lavender plant last weekend and I can't wait to get it in the ground. For now I've got it in a tall French urn on the dining table on the lanai.

    1. Ah, the lanai. The word reminds me of "The Golden Girls". Remember all the time they used to spend there...

      I am not surprised about the lavender. Somewhere, sometime we were twins. I've had one before and put it outside in a pot but this year it will go in the ground. Have the perfect spot for it. You will miss the dogwoods but there is still time for the hydrangeas. Not until May. The azaleas have center stage right now.

      Have fun!

  4. Happy Spring! Your garden looks luscious!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear Mamá !!!


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