Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Bittersweet Start To The New Year

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About the only thing that is showing any beauty or color in the garden are the ornamental kale and cabbage I planted last Fall.  They are putting on quite a show!

At the end of October 2014

Mid December 2014

Early January 2015 

Meantime, back at the house....a pipe burst during the freeze we had the last couple of days and it happened to be in Mother's new apartment.  A piece of the wall in the guest bedroom had to be removed together with all the molding around the floor.  Additionally,  the padding for the rug and some of the hardwood floor in the rest of the apartment have to be replaced.  We have six large and noisy fans drying the floors and MM is back upstairs.  After seven months of problems and delays, we got to enjoy the place for less than two months.  Now we are back to square eight and another big expense.

The nostalgia that engulfed me at the beginning of the year has now turned into a full fledged depression.  Madame Mere and I both agree that someone down there doesn't want us moving into their old space.  The time has come for some drastic measures and a serious cleansing!

My new cleaning crew

Back in a bit.


  1. I'm so sorry -- frozen pipes are no fun . . . I remember one Christmas! Sigh! Things will get back in shape before all too long! Keep Calm and Carry On!

  2. What a shame that all your hard work was ruined by a burst pipe. I never thought that frozen pipes would be a concern down in sunny Georgia, although in Ohio they are a constant worry. I once had to stay up all night trying to thaw a frozen pipe that was threatening an entire trout hatchery.

    Luckily, you have some consolation in those decorative cabbages. They have an almost unearthly beauty, both in color and form, that really rivets the eye.

  3. That picture is hilarious! I do believe in "bad karma" and more importantly ghosts!
    If you are getting really bad vibes; and stuff happens; you must MOVE!

    There are "signs"!! It sounds ridiculous.....but it is true; and I have many friends who "did move"; to much happiness...and sadly, quite a few more who said...."ridiculous" and did not. Things went from bad to worse.

    Just sayin'!!!

  4. I forgot to say......I am planting ornamental Kale and cabbage immediately and I live in a mild climate! Gorgeous!!!!

    I had a "potager" in Pasadena.....and I planted them....they were gorgeous! I forgot! Again; they will come!!!

    Thank you!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear about the broken pipe and damage it caused to MM's apartment. You most definitely need a serious cleaning squad. I'm envious of the pretty kale. We have fat bunnies that would think we planted it for them and voila, they would only be a memory.

  6. I've been thinking of you the last few days, as this is the Atlanta Show week, and how I was possibly going to come visit. Well, good thing we hadn't planned that, I guess! Oh poor you. I am so, so sorry for these events. Please, keep us posted ok?

  7. Oh dear lord, what a holy mess. Hope things dry up soon and and all is well. I say use whatever works to get rid of the evil ones!

  8. How come you always get the bigger cigar?
    Can I help?

  9. Dearest Lindaraxa,

    I am so disheartened to hear the story of the burst pipe after all of the hard work and effort to have your mother situated. In the midst of all that, I am glad you are able to see the beauty that radiates from your gorgeous plantings, which surely must give you a ray of hope in the chaos of the water damage. Which reminds me, I too have to press on and deal with a waterfall of a mess that is my (very soaked) back wall - ugh, not looking forward to that! Press on we shall - onwards and upwards always!

  10. We had basement damage after Sandy. Most everything was on metal shelves but, stupidly, my big EXPENSIVE suitcase was on the ground and got soaked and ruined. Hope no precious items were ruined. And yes, I think there are bad spirits in houses. Try a little sage burning... get a good witch to scare the bad spirits away!!!

  11. The kale and cabbage are beautiful, I don't usually plant them in the Fall but should rethink that this coming Fall. My gardening is focused on clean up and prepping for Spring as short as it is for us. (((hUGS))) to you with your busted pipe issue. Hope it is resolved soon.

    Saw the pic of your Mom and Dad some years ago, such a lovely couple and Your Mom is beautiful. It reminded me of my own Mom and Dad, they went to many black tie functions. I love those types of functions and my husband and I still go to a couple of black tie events a year. Have a large gala event coming up soon and I thoroughly enjoy getting all dressed up to the nines.



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