Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Family Trip To The Pumpkin Farm

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Last weekend we went en famille to the Kingsley Family Farm to pick out our pumpkins.  We do this twice a year, in mid October and later on in December for our Christmas tree.  I know we can pick out pumpkins for less money elsewhere, but the entertainment here is so fabulous it's worth the markup in spades.  No matter how old you are, you will have lots of fun.

Where else can you find pumpkins the size of the ones above?

There is every kind of pumpkin here, too many to list and, frankly, I forgot to jot down the names!

Preserves, syrups, apple cider anyone?

It took us forever to find THE one...

And the winner is.....


This Cinderella pumpkin is now gracing our front door.  Unbeknownst to me, my daughter went around and found another just like it.  We now have the most expensive pumpkins of the neighborhood in front of our house!

Future Christmas trees.

This was my mother's first trip to the farm.

We have very determined shoppers in this family...they have been well trained/

But Madame Mere had another idea in mind and look who's waiting for her at the wheel...

With a little help from her grandson no my daughter watches in the background in complete disbelief.

This is much better than picking out pumpkins she says...

This is the second tractor she rides in the four months she's been here.  A real farm girl!

Heaven knows what they're talking about....

Was that Grammy?????

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

Why does this photo make me think of pate?

Every farm has a dog, right? He was the official welcoming committee.

I'm not familiar with this breed of cattle but they were beautiful and very, very vocal!

History repeats grandchildren look exactly like their father and aunt at that age...

Madame Mere's destination...more hydrangeas

MM on the lose..I think her boyfriend ditched her...

 Daughter in law and Harper are just happy to be on the sidelines.  We are all on pins and needles hoping she will turn out to be a redhead like her mom.

Finally, back to Lindaraxa's for lasagna, everybody's favorite...

where we offer free babysitting services from the Sous Chef, always willing to oblige.


They may the most expensive pumpkins in the neighborhood but they are a daily reminder of all the fun we had at the farm.  Priceless!



The cows have been identified by one of our readers and favorite bloggers, Chronica Domus as a heritage breed by the name of Belted Galloways

I just watched a documentary on Dumfries House in Scotland and saw some of these attractive cows being visited by Prince Charles, who is a big advocate for heritage breeds. "

See full comment below.  There were more cows out to pasture, I guess HE takes care of them!


  1. Priceless indeed for a wonderful day at the farm with your family. You'll never be able to replace those sweet memories. Look at the little sous chef on duty with the adorable baby - I love it. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    1. The Sous Chef loves the little ones. She's very gentle with them, very maternal. I think she thinks of them as her puppies!

  2. I love visiting farms like this in autumn. The massive displays of pumpkins are fun and impressive, as are all of the weird-looking varieties. My favorites in the North, it probably goes without saying, are the pick-you-own apples farms, where you can get standard varieties like Jonathan or McIntosh of outstanding quality, and sometimes luck into unusual or old-fashioned varieties.

    1. I haven't been to the apple farms, they are farther north but I remember the apple festival when we lived in North Carolina. That was fun. You are right. It is worth going to them if only for the best selection of the different varieties. You have just reminded me I have promised to make MM baked apples. She adores them!

  3. You just proved again that Cumming is Oz. Thanks for the trip.

  4. This is priceless!!!! Love every image and word. Your grandchildren are so grown up! How is the downstairs apt. coming along? And the sous-chef? We think of you, and her, often. Let me know, ok? Isn't this weather fabulous? I've been gardening every day.

    1. I've been planting like crazy while reminding myself they say the winter is going to be brutal. Luckily some plants are guaranteed so keeping all my receipts! basement FINISHED. SC about the same.

  5. P.S. Those are Belties: we have lots of them here in Fearrington!

  6. Beautiful, as you can see I am not very good at publishing, probably said it twice, loved it

    1. You made it..finally!!! So happy to wake up to this. Miss you guys.

  7. Good to see the family are all enjoying pumpkin season among the spectacular array available at your local farm. Years ago, I used to make a point of buying my pumpkins from an old lady who grew them on her little parcel of land in Silicon Valley. She had lovely unusual varieties from which to choose. What I loved most, however, was her resolve in resisting the temptation from land developers who wished to buy her lot so they could build their office buildings. She would have none of it!

    I believe those are heritage cows known as Belted Galloways, and how beautiful they are!

  8. Ha! CD to the rescue. And how did you know that? no matter, I'm impressed.

    I know what you mean about the old farms. We are in farm country here but we are beginning to loose them to the developers too. While I love the new Costco and they have done a great job of being inconspicuous and creating good jobs for the community, I can see a lot for sale in the vicinity. What a shame. It makes you appreciate places like this even more.

    1. Funny you should ask, but I just watched a documentary on Dumfries House in Scotland and saw some of these attractive cows being visited by Prince Charles, who is a big advocate for heritage breeds. I'd forgotten entirely about them (not having seen one in over two decades of living in California), and all of a sudden, there they were, on my television and across my computer screen thanks to your charming photograph.

    2. I just added your comment to the bottom of the post. It's amazing the power of the internet...instant knowledge! Priceless

      P.S. From Scotland to our little town in Northern Georgia..Who would have thought


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