Monday, December 23, 2013

A Teddy Bear Christmas Tea At Callanwolde

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Last weekend I spent the most enjoyable afternoon of the whole year.   Together with my granddaughter, Taylor, and her teddy bear, Flora, I attended a Christmas tea at Callanwolde, the former home of the Coca Cola founders here in Atlanta.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Callanwolde was built in 1920 as the home of Charles Howard Candler, eldest son of Asa Candler – famed founder of The Coca-Cola Company.  From December  6 to December 17 the house, now a fine arts center, is dressed for the holidays by some of Atlanta's major interior and floral designers.  Every room inspires and captures the spirit of the season.


Christmas at Callanwolde offers a variety of opportunities to celebrate the season, including tours of the house and special events like the Teddy Bear Tea I attended with my granddaughter.  To say it was memorable for her, and for me, is a major understatement.  I had never been to Callanwolde but, having been to a lot of these houses in my lifetime, I sort of knew what to expect.  What I was not prepared for was the hospitality, warmth and holiday spirit of the event.  Everything, to the last detail, was carefully and beautifully planned.

The main entrance

My granddaughter and Flora, her teddy bear, arrive for tea at Callanwolde

Lindaraxa in the making

Okay Nani, this is getting boring.....

The main staircase

Taylor, Flora and Nani

The guests having tea served by volunteer members

 Each place setting had a teddy bear cookie, a wish list for Santa and real porcelain teacups!
The tea buffet, including tea sandwiches, cookies, scones, cakes

'Getting ready for Santa
Santa meets Flora
An in-depth discussion of the gift list.....(notice Santa's goggles)
And here we are....the end!

As my readers know by now,  Lindaraxa is not easily impressed.  This tea, on the other hand, will go down as one of the most memorable events I have ever attended.  I know that being there with my granddaughter had a lot to do with it but, notwithstanding, the way it was planned and presented also deserves a lot of credit.  Everything was top notch.  No paper plates or tablecloths and real tea cups with real tea! It was more, much more, than I expected.

People have asked me if I will take her again next year.  Of course I will if she wants to go; but when something this special happens by surprise, it's best to leave it alone and look forward to the next .  I have always said a good time can't be planned, it just happens.  It can be New Year's Eve in black tie or New Year's Eve in jeans by the fireplace or at the beach.  Don't try to plan in anticipation of a good time, but enjoy it when it comes and savor every moment of it.

Merry Christmas to all
and to all
a good night

All photos Lindaraxa except #2 and #9 Callenwolde


  1. Spontaneity is the key. I normally avoid Christmas and everything related like the plague, but this year I have the fever. The Christmas fever that is. Once every few years, (decade?) is ok for me! I think having well-behaved children who are happy around you helps; we don't, but nonetheless, I shall let the goodness flow, if it wants to! Happy Christmas to you and yours. xx

  2. What a fabulous afternoon with your granddaughter. I would have loved it every bit as much as she did. Taylor is adorable and the perfect age for the Teddy Bear party. Your post brought a smile to my face and makes me wish I had a granddaughter. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. This could only happen in the south... so sweet and old fashioned... I love it. Have a great Christmas

    1. Thank you Deana. You are right some things in the South never change. Thank heavens!

  4. I agree. Sometimes doing it again just spoils the first time! Glad it was a magical day for you and your granddaughter (and Flora!) Merry Christmas To You!

  5. What a marvelous post, Roxie, and such a delightful and sweet memory your Teddy Bear Tea Party shall provide you and your darling grand daughter for many years to come! You are a thoughtful Nani, indeed! Merry Christmas, dear friend! Reggie

    1. I think children should be exposed to the finer things in life at an early age just like our parents did with us. Luckily she comes from good stock...Southern and Cuban! Merry Christmas dearest. Will be thinking of you tonight and that oyster stew. Which reminds me, must get her into oysters soon although that will be a tough proposition. I can just see her face...(YUCK! )

  6. You can see Taylor had a great time. The next experience...High Tea somewhere in London

    1. At Claridge's with Nani and Aunt Sil...just like in the good old days!

      Welcome to made it!

  7. Taylor is such a cutie. I love her jaunty perch on Santa's knee. An elegant and well appointed tea party is so unusual in the States. And to attend one with your little grandaughter makes for a precious memory for you both. Have a happy and peaceful Christmas, and thank you for your blog; reading it is always a pleasuew.

  8. What a wonderful Nani you are Julieta! She will always remember this day years and years from now, It will be one of her Christmas memories with her Nani. Happy Memory making and a very Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Oh what a sweet and joyous event to share with your lovely little granddaughter!


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