Saturday, April 6, 2013

Around the Garden

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Finally Spring has arrived in Georgia! maybe this time it will stay. 

We have had so many false starts that I don't know what to think any more.  Last year by this time, the azaleas were already in bloom. They are just starting to show a little color. Maybe in a week there will be color in the garden, which means we are about two weeks behind schedule.

I went by Home Depot and Lowes today to pick up some things and ended up turning around and coming home.  The place was mobbed! I have had to replace some of the dianthus which I killed last year (don't ask) and I am exhausted from all the digging I've had to do to get them in the ground.Temperatures are supposed to hit 70 degrees this week and I am more than ready to put all the sweaters away and start wearing t shirts and shorts to work around the garden.  I know wishful thinking, but one can always hope.

The view from by front door is to die for!

The view from the front door.  if you look closely, you will see the pink tulips under the cherry trees.

Look at that sky!

My daughter planted these tulips under the cherry trees last Fall.  I can't bring myself to pick them and bring them inside.

I got this lavender at the grocery store last week.  Who would have thought!

It will be planted outside in a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile the kitchen smells divine!

Another grocery store purchase last week and still going strong!

Remember her? she was given to me in the Fall when I had the ladies lunch.

This is the orchid that keeps on giving.  More buds!

The secret to orchids,  I have discovered, is lots of light, preferably from the East.  Water them by placing the pot in the sink and running water for about a minute.  When the water finishes draining from the bottom put them back.  Do this once a week.  That's all!

All photos Lindaraxa


  1. wowwwwwwwww....
    Beautiful al that blossom
    Here is only the crocus in bloom.
    Everything is so late.
    I can`t wait till de flowers came on the bushes.
    Enjoy your garden.

    1. Well Jeanne, but you have all that wonderful snow at Xmas time! hang in there, Spring is coming!

  2. Spring in the south is a glorious time of the year. I especially like it when the wild dogwoods bloom. One of the downsides of spending the winter in Florida is that we miss our daffodils and tulips in the mountains.

    1. Well, everything is really late this year. When I came back from visiting Mother in Fla late Feb the daffs were already out and I thought...early Spring. Wishfull thinking. It turned bitterly cold then and back to winter until now. The wild dogwoods are just beginning to show some color.

  3. Yes, it's been beautiful here this weekend. I've been out in the garden nearly every moment :)

    1. If we have a frost now I'll shoot myself...planting lots of stuff in the garden!

  4. I LOVE your blog. Here in Texas we have had our spring which is always short-lived. We're hoping for a continued temperate April but soon the heat will come swooping in. Wish I had a second home in the East or California! Your cherry tree and tulips are divine! ps. going to try your recipe for banana cake this week..Yummy!

    1. I guarantee you will love the banana cake! I lived in Houston for all of 6 wks and coouldn't stand the heat. This part of the country is lovely...come on over!

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! I am so anxious for Spring to come to Maine.

    1. Maine has so much to offer. Lobsters! I have been dying for a lobster roll for ages. Hang in there...Spring is coming!

  6. That orchid plant is quite something! Only just last week, my mother acquired a beautiful orchid plant
    and wondered how to keep it thriving. Now here is the answer from an unexpected source.
    Julieta rules!

    1. Take a look at mother's in the front courtyard.

      When they finished inside we would tied them to the trees. Of course you can't do that up here but if you keep the pot inside and keep taking care of them they will rebloom inside in the Fall.

      It;s lots of light they love. I have it by a window facing east so they get sun in the morning. Not a bad idea to take them out once a week and let them get some fresh air. Good luck!

  7. Thank goodness spring has REALLY sprung! We even got home last night to green pollen dust all over the car and outdoor furniture!!
    Do you find the tulips just are NOT as tall as up North? I think I will try refrigerating them for 6 weeks before planting: they say that works, but I haven't tried it. None of my tulips are taller than maybe 12". Well, everyone here says to not even attempt them....but I will persevere!

  8. We started getting that yuky pollen thing the day after I got my car washed. luckily we have a garage!

    They treat tulips here as annuals. Not cold enough in winter for them to do their thing. I think we better stick to the stuff that does work. Unfortunately no tulips or lilacs which we both love. You dont lose anything by sticking them in the fridge for a test. let me know. I will buy mine at the store!


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