Monday, March 11, 2013

A Very French Country Dinner

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Not only is this very French, it is also a very, very simple and easy  menu.  I urge you to try it for Sunday dinner this weekend.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you must have noticed there is often a reason to the chronology of the recipes.  Yes, I do post by the season, but sometimes I also post recipes that are part of a past or forthcoming dinner. Last week, I posted the recipe for Poulet A L'Estragon or Chicken with Tarragon that has always been a favorite but that, unfortunately, has been often  bastardized when served at corporate events or weddings.  Trust me, that one is nothing compared to the original, particularly if you avoid using boneless chicken breasts. Take another look at the post with the new photos since the first ones did not come out right.  Now tell me that isn't mouthwatering!

Sunday night we had a small dinner for intimate friends and I decided to treat everybody to dinner in the French countryside.  This is what we had, including a delicious Sancerre:

Le Dimanche Chez Lindaraza

Roasted Red Potatoes
Asparagus Spears

Pascal Jolivet (Sancerre)

Cheeses and Green Salad

French Apple Tart 

 Bon Appetit!


  1. I had a very late dinner, but now I'm hungry again!

  2. Your menu sounds wonderful and the poultry . . . OMG -- it is fun to "travel" with food isn't it!

  3. Oh my! Gougeres, my favorite and an apple tart and the chicken, your menu is divine!

  4. I'm starving right now and this looks and sounds perfect. We MUST come down and see you... and be treated to such a dinner/??


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