Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cool Summer Menus For A Ladies Lunch

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One of the most visited posts on Lindaraxa's Garden is An Elegant Summer Lunch For the Ladies Who Lunch published three years ago.  I can gather from this that most of my readers are ladies who like to entertain other ladies, for lunch, in the summer.  Surprise.

With that in mind, I have given much thought to this post and the heat that has been prevalent throughout the country this summer. I, for one, don't think much about food and entertaining these days and haven't seen a soul since the heat started.  The dogs, which used to go out around noon for their late morning "stroll", now hide under the bed when I call them and won't budge until their bladders are ready to burst just before dinner time.  I have been staying indoors for most of the day, only venturing out to take care of my poor plants and an occasional trip to the grocery store for the essentials.  The rest of the time has been spent glued to my computer screen watching Mad Men episodes from the beginning.  Great show for those who haven't watched it and highly recommended.  I did two seasons in three nights and then I realized the dishes were piling in the sink and I couldn't continue to go to bed at four a.m and rise at noon.  As my daughter told me one morning, I was behaving just like a teenager.

Now, I do understand that most people are probably not affected by this heat as much as my dogs and I so for all of you with a social life, I am posting these two lunch menus.  The first is a fairly informal one, perfect for a ladies card party or get together.  The second is slightly more formal and appropriate for when you have to entertain an out of town guest or your best friend's engagement or birthday.  Here you would bring out grandma's tablecloth and silver service and your Limoges table setting.  Both are easy, simple, balanced and cold.  In this heat, the simpler you eat the better you will feel.  Both are appropriate to be served inside if the heat is bad or outdoors if you live in Alaska.    Everything, except for the popovers, can be made ahead.

The hor's d'oeuvres in both are the same.  They are summery, cool and simple.  A French dry rose such as Domaine Houchart, which is very reasonably priced and widely available, or the more expensive Chateau Romassan will be excellent with either lunch.  If it is very warm, though, you might want to have a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade as well.

For the menus, click after the break.

Cool Summer Menus For A Ladies Lunch

 Hors D'Oeuvres

An Informal Ladies Lunch

Carrot Cake

Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence Rose 



An Elegant Ladies Lunch

 Field Greens With A Lemon Vinaigrette
Cornmeal Almond cake with berries and cream 

Domaines Ott Rose, Chateau Romassan 2011


Everything in these menus has been previously posted in either this or the country blog.  The corn soup will be posted in a couple of days.  The only thing that might surprise you is the carrot cake recipe at this time of the year.  That is what immediately came to mind when I was balancing the menu but feel free to change it for a blueberry tart or similar.  It has been so long since I had a cake that I am probably a bit biased.

For more ideas or suggestions for French rose wines click here

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  1. Although not a Lady, I would enjoy either of these lunches!

  2. John,

    Anytime you are in Atlanta!

  3. Two lovely menus for warm summer days! They both sound divine!

  4. Have to say that I too have been glued to Mad Men! Just finished the 5th season and I guess now I have to wait for the 6th? Oh so sorry to watch the last episode..!
    yes, the heat has been something. We went to a nursery this afternoon and really, I've almost never felt heat like that: walking those aisles, in uncovered green houses, trying to focus on the day lilies and cannas. Finally.... the air conditioned car!

  5. The cheese wafers are the perfect combination of butter, cheese and flour. Delicious! We had these with whiskey sours....yum. Thanks for being so generous with your recipes.


  6. Arleen,

    Thank you for the tip on whiskey sours. Now, why didn't I think of that! Glad you enjoyed the wafers. They are really perfect with cocktails anytime, anywhere.


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