Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby It's Hot Outside...Again!

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Last year around this time I posted a ton of recipes for drinks to see you through the heat.  I had to laugh seeing that I was complaining about temperatures in the 90's when this weekend we are expecting highs of 105 degrees! My advice to all who are suffering...keep the curtains drawn to insulate the house from the heat, make a big batch of any of these drinks and stay inside. Whatever you do, don't turn that stove on!

The Real Cuban Mojito

Believe it or not, alcohol is your worst enemy in this heat.

I'm ready, I got a puppy cut this week! Mom says I look years younger (and slimmer).


  1. Despite your excellent advice, I'm on an all-Mojito diet until the heat subsides. Think of it as one of the many perquisites of old age.

    This morning, one of the neighborhood cars looked like this --

  2. Yikes, Ancient! if that were my neighborhood I too would resort to mojitos. Not that it makes any difference, at our age....

  3. I love the variations on lemonade and ice tea!

  4. These sound delicious, and just what the doctor ordered. I'll take mine with a splash of vodka, please! Thank goodness for central air conditioning... something I genuinely appreciate, having lived without it for most of my life on this planet (remember when it was just in movie theaters and grocery stores?). Reggie

  5. I think the sous chef looks adorable—way cool!

    We've had a 107 with a heat index of 110. Wowzers! I gave up spirits long along and stick with red wine. It does wonders for my HDL (like 98!) and it makes me feel virtuous. That a a horse trough of unsweetened ice tea! Stay inside and stay cool.

  6. Love that haircut and grooming Lucy!! You are (as you know....) too cute for words!
    Stay cool down there.

  7. They don't call it Hot-lanta for nothin'.


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