Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guess Who's Coming For Lunch...

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I guess Fall is the time of the year to entertain distinguished guests.  Almost a year ago, on a visit to New York City, I had the pleasure of cooking for my dearest friend Reggie Darling. This year, I am thrilled to be making lunch this Sunday for another dear friend, Blue from The Blue Remembered Hills,  a popular blog here in Atlanta.  Blue, the Celt and I have been meeting for dinners in several restaurants in Atlanta but this will be the first time that both of them will be entertained by Lindaraxa at her home.

Believe it or not, it is difficult to choose a menu for first time guests, particularly when they are readers of your blog.  So many things to choose from...that's what usually drives me crazy.  In Reggie's case I narrowed it down to the fact that he was coming back from a weekend at Darlington Hall and New Yorkers love nothing more than comfort food on a Sunday night.  What better than  lasagna bolognese and apple crisp for dessert.  A strange combination but apples were in season.

This time I asked the guests to choose a menu.  French, Italian, German or Cuban.  It never fails that they will opt for Cuban and seeing that it's Sunday lunch and not dinner it is the perfect choice.  So I sent another email...picadillo or pork and black beans?  They replied, both! Well, unless it's the last dinner or you are angling for cardiac arrest both is not an option.  So after much soul searching and back and forth consultations amongst each other they chose the pork and black beans.  So here's the menu:

A Cuban Lunch At The Lake

Chorizo in Sherry And Onions
Manchego Cheese
Yucca Chips

Black Beans and White Rice
Baked Plantains with Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and Sherry

Green Salad

Baked Meringues

Cuban Coffee

It is going to be a glorious day tomorrow with temperatures in the 60's and no clouds. You couldn't ask for more. Everything is ready and all that is left is a bath for Lucy, the sous chef, to meet her Scottish friends!

Who? Me? Bath? WHY???!!

Plates from Gien, France

photos Lindaraxa


  1. Wow! Blue and The Celt are really in for a treat!

  2. How delightful for all. Except, perhaps, for Lucy. I'd pick Cuban at your house any day. In fact, anything from your posts would probably be divine. Enjoy this wonderful slice of heaven.

  3. Checking in from Aix. Oh my goodness! I'm thinking of you, getting ready right this minute!
    Enjoy, enjoy....

  4. Goodness, a treat indeed! Blue and I had the most delicious Cuban lunch - if you can call lunch a meal that lasts until 4 o'clock! The only thing better than the flan was the warm welcome from both of you – and the damp noses of Lucy and Lily.
    Many many thanks from the Celt.

  5. Well, m'dearest one, If their dinner was anything like the one you made for me: delicious sublime, enchanting, supreme, divine, they are indeed lucky fellows. A toast to you dear lady and your friends, and to those fortunate to know you and to have received your tender hospitality. A lovely and memorable evening was had by all, I am sure!
    Fondly, Reggie

    And ps, my fond greetings to Blue and the Celt...


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