Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Easy Summer Squash Risotto

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Yellow summer squash is coming out full force now to the point that I picked out some this past weekend, at the grocery store of all places, with nothing really in mind.  They looked too beautiful to pass up.  My favorite way to enjoy yellow squash is in a casserole, but that doesn't really work out when there is just two of us during the week.  The weather helped too, just a high of 89 degrees (!) so the kitchen was nice and cool by dinner time.

There is no precooking the squash in this recipe so all you really need is one pan to cook the risotto and another to simmer the broth. Easy cleaning!

This goes well with sliced fresh tomatoes in olive oil, chopped basil and balsamic.  If calories are not a problem, a sliced baguette is a must!

Serves 4


6 cups chicken broth
3 yellow squash or 1 green zucchini or a combination of both

3 TB butter
1 bunch green scallions or 1small yellow onion, chopped
1 garlic clove mashed
pinch of saffron
1 cup arborio rice
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 cup chopped italian or curly parsley
1/3 cup Parmiggiano Reggiano

Optional: Basil Pesto


Pour stock into a saucepan and bring to a simmer.

Slice the squash in rounds and quarter it. 

In another saucepan melt 2 TB butter and add the garlic, scallions or onions.  Cook until onions are tender.  Add rice and a pinch of saffron and stir until kernels are well coated with the butter.  Add the wine and let it cook until all liquid is absorbed.

Add 1/2 the squash and immediately start adding the broth 1/2 cupful at a time.  Continue stirring and cooking making sure almost all the liquid is absorbed before you add more broth.  When the rice is half cooked, add the rest of the squash.

The risotto is done when the rice grains are creamy on the outside yet firm but  tender to the bite.  It will take 20-25 minutes.  Have a drink while you are cooking...time will fly!

When the risotto is done, add the last 1 TB butter, the chopped parsley and the cheese. You might need to add some salt and pepper depending on the broth you use.

As an option, you may add a half teaspoon of pesto to the risotto before you serve.

Serve hot and pass the parmigiano.

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