Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking a Break but Leaving You With An Easter Menu!

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I'll be away for awhile but here are some Easter Menu ideas I hope you will find helpful.

In my house the Easter menu, like Thanksgiving, doesn' vary much from year to year.  We all much prefer the baked ham over a leg of lamb which is something we can have anytime of the year.  Depending on how casual I want to make it, I will either serve the potato salad or the potato gratin and asparagus are usually served hot with butter and slivered almonds or cold as in the recipe below.  Deviled eggs are a must and dessert is either coconut cake or cupcakes and strawberry something or other.  It is such a great combination of flavors why mess around with perfection!

Have a Happy Easter and relax.   This is an easy one, foodwise.

I will see you in May!

Photo: Martha Stewart


  1. Deviled eggs: what a perfect idea! Enjoy your time off. Reggie

  2. Be back in time for the Royal Wedding and our party...remember UR bringing the French Toast...I have the bugles and dip @MissBusyBiz

  3. A well-deserved break! I only hope the Easter lunch to which we've been invited has such good food: we will see, right?

  4. Sounds Splendid. I too do ham, instead of Lamb for my Easter suppers! Take care, ebh


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