Monday, February 21, 2011

So, Are You Going?

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Now all we need to think about is a hat! 


  1. I would enjoy it all, to be sure, especially the dinner (which I presume is) at Windsor Castle. For the ceremony, I would wear a morning coat, although the idea of a military uniform is tempting. I wonder what Buckingham Palace means by a "leisure suit"? Surely they mean what we think of a business suit and not the belted safari outfit I had in the 70s!

    And what's this about supposedly not inviting Fergie because she would attract too much attention but including Keyne West and the Beckhams?

  2. Our invitation has not arrived yet . . . however, we will be arriving on the day of the wedding so if it does arrive, we will be there!

    (And I imagine that they just haven't gotten to mailing the "S" invitations yet!!!!

  3. Classisist,

    I worked for Brit investment bank for 10n yrs. A leisure suit is coat and tie or business suit.

  4. Hang in there, Martha, for tomorrow is another day.

  5. Why would anyone wear a lounge suit when Moss Bros. will put you in a morning coat for £92?

    You don't suppose they've invited Labour politicians, do you?

  6. Oh good you got your invitation too! Maybe we can travel together.

  7. Oh good you got your invitation too! Maybe we can travel together.

  8. Ancient,

    You made it..Im honored! Either Labor politicians or the Obama crowd. Waiting with abated breath to see what she's wearing...sleeveless? no doubt.

  9. Waiting with bated breath to see what she's wearing...sleeveless?

    I don't see that Vivienne Westwood could plausibly improve on this:

    (Gratuitous financial joke: Anyone with a 401(k) should go all in on this!)

  10. Boy, that is some dress, somehow I missed it!


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