Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Gifts For The Cook In Your Life

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Here are some of the cookware and cooking utensils that I find every cook should have in his or her arsenal.  Granted, some of them are a bit expensive but that is why they are on the list as they would bring tears of joy and appreciation to any cook's Christmas morning.  Others make for great stocking stuffers.

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

I use this for stews, roasts, beans, fabadas, you name it..couldn't live without one.  The best investment.

Grill Tray

I have been hinting at one of these forever.  You can make so many things with this on the grill!

Shun Dual Density Utility Knife

The Japanese knives are to die for. If you only have one knife make it one of these!

Breville Panini Press

 Great for sandwiches, especially Cuban sandwiches and Panini.  Use it all the time!

Pizza Stone

Pizza is not difficult to make, it's the crust that you have to get right!

Honeycomb Silicone Pot Holders

The best!

Salt Keeper

Practical and Pretty!

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