Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween On Madison Avenue

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I had never thought Halloween could be so cool in a city until I visited New York this past week.  I guess it all depends on the neighborhood and the people who live there and boy was I in the right place at the right time!

The area of New York called Carnegie Hill in the Upper Eat Side is home to more kids, dogs, nannies and Ladies Who Lunch than I have ever seen in my lifetime.  I loved it.  I never thought New York could possibly be a fun place to be a kid until I stayed at my BFF's new apartment in this part of the city.  If you want to see kids of every age and dogs of every breed, stroll along the avenue north of 79th Street at around 4:00 in the afternoon on a weekday.  Here is where you will find all the chic moms, and the best behaved kids and dogs in the world.  Here is where the children of the Masters of the Universe go to school, play in the park and have ice cream cones in places like Ciao Bella and Yura while moms sip their lattes and cappuccinos and dogs wait patiently on the sidewalk.  Now tell me, ice cream cones from Ciao Bella, when you were a kid?!

It is also amazing to see the concentration of stores catering to children, from clothes to school supplies with prices to match.  Oh, and these children are fed from the likes of  Dean & DeLuca, Gourmet Garage and Food Emporium all within a 5 block walk from each other.  Need a place to get your nails done? your clothes dry cleaned? There are two on every block.  Mommy heaven! Grooming must be at the top of the list with this group... But can you imagine going trick or treating in this neighborhood?  To die for!

All photos by S. Suarez And Lindaraxa


  1. Lindaraxa, what a marvelous post! you have captured this neighborhood perfectly. One of life's great indulgences is Yura's egg and ham sandwich on a Saturday morning, plus their fried chicken is nothing to sneeze at, either. Divine. Reggie

  2. Reggie, dearest
    I'm playing Megamillions for sure this weekend. What a great place to live, and I don't have kids! but I do have a dog... The best fried chicken will have to wait until the next Sunday dinner. I've finally nailed the recipe with a little help from your friend at Per Se. Check it out.

  3. I used to live in this area but way before it bacame chic and trendy Glad to see some good has come to it.

  4. Julia, if anyone deserves a great penthouse in the city its you and Lucy....thanks for the great review, makes my heart long for the city...xo francy n @MissBusybiz

  5. Francy & Missy

    I couldn't agree more! stay tuned, there's more...

  6. Julieta, I can't believe you were in NYC last week -- so was I. I went to a Rosemary Hall Alumnae Club event (a tour of Sotheby's English Furniture department) and had lunch with my old pal Vicki Brooks '63.

    Loved your photos of the doorways!

    xo Alice

  7. Alice,

    Oh schucks, would have loved to see you!

  8. When I returned to America in 1982 my first apt was teh grden apt in 46 east 92nd st. one of your halloween photos shows the entrance to 46!!!memories,


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