Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Red Wine that Is Perfect for Grilling

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I know, it's summer, most of us are enduring temperatures in the high 90's and who wants to even think of red wine.  If you grill, you do!  This Provencal red is the perfect wine for ribs, chops, kabobs and anything beefy that you throw on that grill.  Just remember what I have mentioned before...make sure the wine is enjoyed at "room temperature" which is not your 75 degrees air conditioned room.  Room temperature for french wines is 60 to 65 degrees and I doubt any of us wants to keep our rooms chilled at that temperature (I would!) just to keep our wines comfy and cool.  Make sure you insert the opened bottle in the fridge for about a half hour so they come down to optimal temperature while they breathe.  Or just plunge them in ice water for a few minutes. This, as a matter of fact, is applicable to any red wine, particularly in the summer!

When the term cuvee is shown on the label,  it means the wines will usually be special blends or selected vats of higher quality, at least in comparison to that producer's regular wines. In this case, it is not just a blend of Syrah,  Mouvedre and Grenache grapes but a  higher quality of this blend.

If you live within New York State, Sherry-Lehman will deliver for free.  If not, they will fedex for a price, which is not cheap, but seeing that the wine is on sale, the savings will cover delivery.  I do not have any kind of association with Sherry-Lehman.  It is just one of my favorite wine stores in the world and one from which I order on ocassion.

If you cannot find this specific wine, look for something similar to it.  I am mainly using it as the perfect type of red wine to go with grilled meats. Also look for Argentinian and Chilean Malbecs which are more enjoyable in this heat than a cabernet or a merlot. Save the latter for the winter.


  1. Thank you Julieta, for this illuminating post. It encouraged us to dash out to the wine merchant and
    stock up on some bottles of Chilean Malbec. 65 not
    75 degrees~will keep your counsel on that one!

  2. Ah Toby, so glad to see people read and act on these things. You will notice the difference!


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