Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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The First Thanksgiving At Plymouth, 1621

Well, the big day is upon us and all that is left is the actual cooking of the turkey and a couple of last minute   dishes.  Everything should be ready by tonight.  The table set, the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and  stuffing in the refrigerator, and the pies in the freezer, if you made them ahead.  The only things really left for tomorrow are the creamed onions, the turkey and the gravy.  Oh yes, and the mixed salad, but that takes no time. In 24 hours it will be all over and with good luck and lots of work, it will be a success.

 Don't worry about the little things. All that people will remember about the food is "Was she good or was she bad! " They will remember the good stuff and promptly forget the disasters.  What they will appreciate first and foremost is being around family and friends.

I am leaving you with a wonderful post I found just in time for the holidays.  Read it carefully and if you follow these steps, you have nothing to worry about.  Just remember, on Thanksgiving Day the pilgrims made peace with the indians.   If only for one day, so can you!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for visiting Lindaraxa's Garden!

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